Neo Maraquina 1225x3025 16mm Marble Stone

Techninis akmuo – kitaip žinomas, kaip Kvarco aglomeratas arba angliškai "engineered stone", plačiai naudojamas intensyvaus naudojimo patalpose, baseinuose, gaminant vonios ir virtuvinius stalviršius, vonios baldus, palanges, laiptų pakopas, židinius.

Statybos rinkoje pasirodęs pakankamai naujas gaminys - Techninis akmuo tampa vis populiaresnis baldų pramonėje dėl unikalių savo savybių.

m² Kaina: 459 Lt (su PVM)



Granite is a premiere fabricator of bathroom countertop. It brings beauty and durability to the bathroom. Granite countertops are very claimable and are extremely versatile for bathrooms. An excellent way to improve the look of your bathroom is to upgrade your countertops with granite stone.

Granite is widely appreciated for bathroom countertops as it is:

  • Resistance to staining
  • Resistance to acid and alkalis
  • High endurance
  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • Resistance to scratches
  • Resistance to heat

Moisture, heat or bacterial growth does not affect this natural stone.

Granite counter tops give a smooth glass look when polished. This gives an aesthetic aura to the bathroom environment. Granite counter tops comes in lot of colors, hence providing you an array of choices to choose from.

Granite countertops are available in many different types of edges like:
  • Ogee
  • Bullnose
  • Bevel
  • Demi-bullnose

Use of granite as countertop presents a harmonious blend of art and nature in your bathroom. It brings a sense of elegance and luxury to your bathroom design and adds value to your bathroom.

We provide granite countertop of your choice that that will match your taste, style, and needs. This will enhance the glamour and beauty of your bathroom.


In granite mining India has a long history of granite mining. It has been started before 11th century and it is still continuing in full flow. In granite you will find huge varieties of natural stone. All these natural stone have specific color and features. The characteristics of granite tiles make them the first choice for the kitchen. Kitchen tiles with poor water absorbent value and high resistance unit towards the heat, moisture, oily things, salt, acid and microbes are always preferred. As oil, salt, and sometimes acid are used and drop of any substance can hinder the beauty of the tile so it is always suggested that you should use good quality granite that assure you guarantee. Best granite is that which has undergone quality control test like hardness, scratch resistant power and many other that can issue the pass certificate to the granite.

A granite tile has classified into two major categories like south Indian and north Indian granite tiles. South Indian and north Indian granite tile are famous for their varieties of colors available. Both of them are having sub- varieties which have different and unique colors with veins or without veins, with spots or without spots which are seen all over the stone. The stone is available in red, brown, green, pink, white, black, grey and many other attractive varieties.

Kitchen stones offer you all the varieties of granite in your preferred cuttings like tiles, blocks or slabs. This is not enough they are also offering you tiles in various finishes like polished, honed and rough

Vonios plytelės

Granite tiles in bathroom make a stunning appearance depicting a sense of taste and of refined beauty. These tiles are used extensively on walls, countertops, and floor due to its inherent durability and versatility.

Granite tiles have understated properties which make them a favourite choice to be used in bathrooms:

  • They are highly economical stone
  • High endurance for wear and tear
  • High resistance to heat and pressure
  • Scratch Proof
  • Lower rate of water absorption

The lustrous crystalline quality and incredible hard wearing properties make granite tiles really exclusive to be used in bathrooms.

It has become an increasingly popular option for bathrooms because of its beautiful aesthetics and durable functionality. Granite flooring creates dynamic flooring that can remodel your bathroom in style and look.

Aside from the durability of granite, it is also utilized in bathrooms because of its amazing aesthetic value. Granite is a very elegant stone yet economical. It comes in different colors so it can blend with any kind of bathroom of your choice.

Polished granite tiles are preferred for tiling bathroom walls as they lend an expensive stylish finish. Granite tiles give a unique and unforgettable look to the bathroom. Use of granite tiles in bathroom gives a contemporary and modular look to the bathroom.

Product Details        

Classification - Granite
Offered in - Blocks, Slabs and Tiles
Finishes Offered - Polished, Honed, Sawn (Rough), Flamed
Standard Specifications - Random Slabs 18mm, 20mm and 30mm Thick
- Polished, Calliberated & Bevelled Tiles
- 305 x 305 x 10mm
610 x 305 x 10mm
Cut to size tiles 20mm and 30mm Thick
300 x 300
600 x 300
400 x 400
600 x 400
600 x 300mm
600 x 400mm
Tailor-Made Specifications - Possible
Recommended Applications - Interiors & Exteriors
Delivery - 2 to 3 weeks


You can add desired elegance to your home décor by putting Indian Juparana granite to use as you may have an option to choose from a variety of available sizes. Furthermore, this rock is found normally in pink & blue light shades and its naturally carved designs are too strong to fade with time. Hence, you can use it for several purposes including roofing, wall cladding, flooring and other interior and exterior applications.

Here at Kitchenstones, we offer high quality Indian Juparana granite at truly competitive prices. We can cater to all your requirements whether you have a domestic application to finalize or a huge commercial construction project in the line. Contact us today to get the best deal of Indian Juparana granite

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Bathroom flooring is one of the important aspects to look while designing a modern style bathroom. Granite creates an attractive flooring option that is easy to clean and maintain. It is a very luxurious option for bathroom flooring. It has a very hard wearing surface, so aptly suitable for flooring purposes.

Granite floorings are ideal for bathrooms because of following reasons:

  • They provide resistance against micro-organisms like mildew and fungi.
  • They are resistant to most chemicals used as cleaning agents.
  • They are corrosion resistant.

Granite flooring adds class and elegance to your bathroom flooring.

Granite flooring comes in following finishes:
  • Tumbled
  • Polished
  • Honed

Honed granite surface is used for bathroom flooring as the polished surface of granite bathroom flooring can be slippery. It is one of hardest and durable among natural stones, but as it is porous, proper sealing must be done to maintain its longevity.

Granite flooring imparts a beautiful, hygienic, sophisticated and long-lasting appearance to the bathroom. It makes a classy flooring material to the bathrooms. Granite flooring in bathroom bestow a posh, classy look to your bathroom.
Granite flooring looks awesomely elegant combining any kind of bathroom accessory. It is dependable, durable and pressure resistant. It looks exquisite with stainless steel bathroom accessories.

Product Details        

Classification - Granite
Offered in - Blocks, Slabs and Tiles
Finishes Offered - Polished, Honed, Sawn (Rough), Flamed
Standard Specifications - Random Slabs 18mm, 20mm and 30mm Thick
- Polished, Calliberated & Bevelled Tiles
- 305 x 305 x 10mm
610 x 305 x 10mm
Cut to size tiles 20mm and 30mm Thick
300 x 300
600 x 300
400 x 400
600 x 400
600 x 300mm
600 x 400mm
Tailor-Made Specifications - Possible
Recommended Applications - Interiors & Exteriors
Delivery - 2 to 3 weeks


Kitchens with Granite walls is a great tool for decorating your house. It looks absolutely amazing and gives a rich look to your house. Granite wall tiles in kitchen look beautiful and extraordinarily stylish. Granites are known as very versatile material. The decorative and applications of granite are very interesting. We all know that granite is an igneous rock, composed of quartz, feldspar, mica, and usually hornblende.

There is a long list of varieties of granite stone wall tiles which has great color combination and vibrant texture. Talking about its properties granite has a high level of abrasion resistance which is an important property for commercial use. Secondly, there quality never gets affected by changes in temperature. Whether there is extreme heat or cold or rainfall they remains unaffected which also makes granite a good choice. Thirdly, it has an ability to resist blending forces; therefore they are good material to be used as wall tiles. Material which is resistant to acids and other caustic chemicals is always preferred, granite has this property. Installation of granite tiles on walls is very easy and convenient. Granites are further classified as north Indian and south Indian. Granite tile wall undoubtedly look awesome and trendy.

North Indian granite occupies prominent place in the family of granites. These granites are widely used as granite kitchen countertops, worktops, granite counter tops, table tops, flooring, granite kitchen wall tiles etc. north Indian granite possesses very fascinating colors, high quality gloss, and mirror like appearance with great patterns. The Indian granite tiles are extremely popular in decorating interior of any kitchen. Varieties of north Indian granite available are apple green, royal green, bala flower, rosy pink, copper silk, chima pink, SP red, ruby red and lakha red.

Properties all the north Indian granite kitchen wall tiles are same; the only difference is in their appearance, color, texture and pattern. Apple green granite has an eye appealing greenish, red, blackish- grayish patches all over the stone. Second variety of granite i.e. royal green has smooth and rich green surface with dark green and blue patches or spots covering whole of granite surface. Bala flower granite also called as baala flower granite. On its green surface patterns of flowers are surrounded in an even manner. There is another beautiful and elegant stone available in north Indian variety whose description can be done by its name. Rosy pink granite has eye catchy rosy pink patches which are flowing throughout the surface. In copper silk north Indian granite there is beige base with pink, orange, grey liner and parallel bands. Similarly in chima pink granite, S P red, ruby red and lakha red north Indian granite have their own recognizing appearance.

In south Indian granite also there are few varieties that have different colors, texture and pattern. Categories of this class are black galaxy, Colombo juprana, Himalayan blue, imperial gold, imperial white, Indian juprana, ivory fantasy, jet black, Kashmir gold, Kashmir white, lady dream, lavender blue, lemon ice, Madurai gold, paradise, raw silk, red multicolor, rose wood, tan brown, seaweed green, silver sparkle, siva gold, steel grey south Indian granite. All these granites have similar properties as north Indian granite has; only difference is in their colors and pattern.

Vonios sienos

Granite stones are a remarkable material to be used in bathroom. It shows limitless possibilities for design and pattern combinations. It is often used to highlight any particular wall in bathroom to make it more dramatic.

Various types of granites having color variations also add to the overall beauty and popularity of the material. Granite stones require no maintenance, and are mold and mildew resistant making them the perfect choice for updating the bathroom walls.

The diverse shapes, sizes and designs in granite stones make the bathroom look vivacious and lively. Granite can be used in bathrooms because of its elegance. It can be slippery and vulnerable to stains so regular sealing should be done to make it resistant to water and moisture.

Granite has a non porous, non absorbent, light weight, flexible and a high performance surface that is suitable for any kind of bathroom walls. Granite tiles on the bathroom walls can be used in combination with other tiles to create a unique and sophisticated look.

Granite designs are perfect for bathroom walls when you want to create a luxury space in your bathroom. Granite can create an intangible image of quality strength and long-term value. Granite stones are perfect to use to renovate your bathroom walls. Use of granite stone in bathroom walls creates an impression of a glamorous space.

Kitchen Countertops
Whenever we purchase a house, first thing we look is the design of kitchen, its size, flooring and many more things. In other words we can also call it as heart of any home. Therefore, it is one of the important rooms of any house which should be very elegant and beautiful. While designing it we concentrate on its decoration. Kitchen decoration consists of flooring, walls, sinks, and countertops. Kitchen Countertops occupy most of the surface of the kitchen and here only we cook our daily food. As almost all the decorations are based on countertops so they must look attractive, compatible with other places or appliances or utensils of the kitchen, and most importantly match with the flooring. There are various types of countertops for kitchen.

In market there is thousands of countertops seller but people must make their decisions after making satisfying research. Your decision must depend upon countertops cost, maintenance, its durability, beauty, resistivity and other physical properties of countertop material.

There are wide ranges of countertop material available whose cost varies accordingly. Marble and granite countertops are very famous varieties of countertops which are widely used in the kitchens of houses, restaurants and where kitchens work is important.


Bathroom Marble Countertops
Marble bathroom countertops are a fabulous choice for any bathroom renovation or remodel. It is classic in style and presents a prominent effect. The uniqueness, luster, texture and smoothness of marble make it such a desirable product. Marble countertop comes in a wide range of colors and textures.
Marble provides a distinctive and luxurious look because of the presence of its unique veins and smooth surface. However, it lacks the durability of granite and requires more frequent sealing to prevent stains. Marble counter tops are long time durable, water resistant and easy to clean materials. Various eye catching patterns in the marble countertops make it a material to look for.
Marble countertops are highly polished stone, so it brings a gloss and shine to your bathroom. With its textured surface, marble gives an organic look that makes it a good choice for bathroom.

Marble creates a gorgeous and royal appeal when used as a bathroom countertop. Marble is softer, more porous and is more vulnerable to scratching, so regular treatment with a stone sealer is necessary to maintain its beauty. Marble is a very hard stone so it is quite resistant to wear and tear. It possesses a balanced mixture of hardness and beauty which makes it perfect to be used as bathroom countertops.
Marble Tiles
If you are looking for tiles made of natural stone other than granite then marble tiles is the better option. Marble have most fair price ranges that can be purchased by anyone. If you have decided to tile the kitchen with marble, then it is an investment that you'll never regret for.

There are numbers of marble varieties from India. Marble is considered as the one of the best material for manufacturing tiles. It is the natural stone that not only offers beautiful designs but also the resistance towards heat, water, humidity, winds and insects. It also offers exclusive magnificence and sophistication. Marble stone brightens up your kitchen also adds up a classy look.

If in case you are big fan of designer and colored tiles then marble, then you should absolutely try the marble tiles. The main property of marble tiles must be that it can be cleaned properly using a soft cloth. It is true that you should invest your saving in best material which assures you the quality and lifelong guarantee. In kitchen marble tiles can be used as countertops, backsplashes, on walls, floors or sinks. It comes in wide variety with different colors, textures and patterns. At kitchen stones available designs are forest green, green onyx, pink marble, pink onyx, plain green polished, rain forest brown polished, rain forest golden polished and rain forest green polished. So if a homemaker wishes to customize the look of their kitchen in budget then he can undoubtedly opt for marble tiles which not only add a great ambience to your kitchen but also create awesome impressions of guests and neighbors.


Marble tiles have a beautiful, unique look like no other stone, with all their whirling patterns and shade variations. They give so much variations and life to your bathroom. Our marble tiles are enriched with deep veining and natural colorization which reflect the unmistakable characteristics of a pure marble.
Marble tiles are available in wide variations in shades and patterns that actually improve the overall look of the bathroom. Marble tiles are hardy, long-lasting and are naturally water-proof as well. Their overall quality and look is unbeatable.

Marble tiles can be used in following forms depending upon where they are utilized:
  • Polished
  • Honed
  • Brushed
  • Chipped edge 
  • Bull nosed ends

Marble tiling is a perfect choice to enhance the sophistication, elegance and grace of a bathroom.

The stone is available in a variety of color variations such as whites, black, yellows, reds, creamy neutrals, subtle earth tones, greens, tawny browns, and even scarlet reds. The colors of marble can be combined with different types of accents, borders and patterns to produce a dramatic effect to your bathroom.

Marble tiles present a timeless class and it is surprisingly easy to maintain. They are naturally glazed, so are easier to clean and wipe in compare to other stones. They bring a natural feel to your bathroom.
Marble Flooring
Marble is the most popular kitchen flooring materials in the current times. Marble stone has been in use since ages. Nowadays marble kitchen flooring has become very affordable and inexpensive and more and more homeowners are choosing this material for their kitchen.

In kitchen marble flooring looks amazingly classic and considered to be a style for lavish homes. There are endless of marble varieties for kitchen flooring such as forest green, green onyx, pink marble, pink onyx, plain green polished, rain forest brown polished, rain forest golden polished and rain forest green polished. All these varieties have different colors and which makes them a wonderful stone piece. There are so many benefits of marble flooring which are: it doesn't heat up easily as it has low heat conduction properties. O it is perfect for homes in tropical regions. Secondly marbles remain scratch less and crack resistant. It can be installed very easily. Thirdly it gives very cool and smoothing touch to the kitchen. Apart from being durable and indestructible, it is very to clean and maintain.

It remains lustrous and shiny always and its polish never fades off. So go for marble flooring in your kitchen for great attentions and appraises.


Bathroom Marble Flooring
Marble is always known for its lively patterns and overall beauty. So by using marble in bathroom flooring, one can enhance the look of the bathroom tremendously. Marble bathroom flooring presents a unique and magnificent appearance with shade variations and whirling patterns.

Marble flooring has an attractive appearance which adds value to the bathroom. Marble is available in wide range of colors from white to a number of fantastic colors such as red, pink, green etc., bearing beautiful lines.

Marble flooring depicts status and a bold statement of luxury and elegance. Polished marble gives a luxurious look but honed marble provides a better hold in the bathroom. There are numerous marble flooring designs having stunning appearances.

However, these flooring materials require more maintenance as compared to others. These floorings need to be cleaned, sealed and polished regularly. Marble can easily restore its gloss if cleaned once. Natural marble never loses its luster.

Marble floorings are used for their endurance. They are good to endure the hot, humid and wet atmosphere of bathroom. Easy installation and almost zero maintenance is the reason behind the popularity of marble floorings in bathroom. Marble floorings enrich the exquisiteness of bathrooms with its refined beauty and the standard of sophistry.
Marble Stone Walls
Kitchen marble walls are the cheapest natural stone. Wall Marble gives both stylish and elegant look to the kitchen. Marble kitchen tiles are in square pieces. Granites are quite expensive than marble, therefore people with limited budget can have marble wall tiles. Marble has high water resistant capacity; excellent durability also it is heat, dust and moisture resistant therefore keeping the ambience of your kitchen hygienic.

In marble also there are few varieties like forest green, green onyx, pink marble, pink onyx, plain green polished, rain forest brown polished, rain forest golden polished and rain forest green polished that have similar physical properties and qualities that any marble stone has. But the only difference is in their color, texture, orientation and pattern. All varieties of marble give an exquisite look to your home. The best part of using marble tile wall is that it is priceless and as time passes away its glow increases, also it never fades or surface never weakens. Marble is widely seen in royal mansions, palace for rich look.

At kitchen stones you will get know about all the varieties of marble and for more marble wall designs check out our gallery.


Kitchen backsplashes provides positive energy to the boring style of the kitchen. It doesn't need entire kitchen reconstruction. Backsplashes for kitchen is a great idea for those who want their kitchen to look eye catchy with exotic kitchen tiled backsplashes. With kitchen stones there are endless kitchen backsplashes ideas. They have lots of kitchen backsplashes style and theme.

The backsplashes are available in two natural stone granite and marble which has some great properties like they can be cleaned easily and gives vibrant look. The kitchen tiled backsplashes contain sleek lines and shiny- smooth surface. When it gets polished it gives an amazing finish with countertops. Whether you go for marble or granite tiles both looks versatile and available in wide range of designs, colors and shapes. Designs can be plain, vein or spotted. Colors can be green, white, golden, blue, black and many other. Shapes available with kitchen stones are slabs, tiles and cobbles. Colorful backsplash, savvy look enhances the look of your kitchen countertops. Well backsplashes need low maintenance and are highly durable with heat resistant property.

Now you can design your kitchen according to your style. We are here to understand your creativity and helping you out in providing every vibrant color in your kitchen.


Bathroom Marble Walls
Marble can be used in every aspect of your bathroom from simplistic to architectural designs. Marble tiles look sophisticated and elegant in bathroom walls.
Marble has numerous features which makes it suitable to be used in bathroom walls:
  • Water and Mildew resistant
  • Durable
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Long lasting
  • Decorative quality

Marble offers you a wide ranging choice of styles and colors which lends a priceless look to the bathroom.

Marble comes in a variety of colors and patterns, which brings nature to the bathroom. Its use in bathroom walls creates an effect of light and space in bathroom. Marble tiles on bathroom walls make a bathroom a place of luxury and beauty. Regular cleaning and care of marble surfaces, can keep your marble walls brand new and polished.

Marble walls in bathroom look very rich and exquisite. Marble tile in the bathroom walls is renowned for its ornate, refined appearance. Marble’s natural beauty makes it a perfect tiling material of choice when it comes to quality and attractiveness for bathroom walls.

The aesthetics value and warmth of a marble bathroom wall cannot be replaced by other material. Known for its dramatic color and a surface which polishes to a high shine, this stone can create an outstanding effect in your bathroom.
Informacija ruošiama...
Quartzite Stone Tiles
Quartzite is a natural stone used to decorate interior of the house. Quartz tile has high performance unit, durability and flexibility. It has amazing quality features like low absorption unit, high resistance against heat, moisture, microbes and cold. Homeowners who opt quartzite tiling projects for their kitchen have numerous choices among its varieties like copper, D. green, golden, H black, h white, H. green, ocean green, S. white, silver grey, silver shine, Z. green.

It has desirable looks and has high ability to stand up against daily wear and tear. Along with durability it is also not very expensive as compared to granite and marble. It has beautiful self designing and patterns which makes it beautiful. At kitchen stones all the varieties of quartzite are available at affordable cost

Slate Tiles
Slate tiles are just like the ceramic tiles which are an extremely durable natural stone, excellent for floors, walls and sinks. It comes in many colors, textures, sizes and shape. One best feature of slate tiles is that being cheap they are resistant to stain and other environmental factors which destroys it. Slate tile are commonly used in floors, walls and sinks.

Slate tiles in kitchen look absolutely fabulous and exceptionally beautiful. The main question comes that do slate tiles have all the desired features? The answer is yes, it has all the features that make it a perfect choice for your home.

Various slate varieties which are available with kitchen stones are jak black, jak multicolor, multicolor peacock, rosa, black, rustic black, chocolate, Indian autumn, rustic Indian autumn, KK white, lilac, M. green, pure pink, raja red, red gold, SRA, terra red, vijaya gold, yellow, yellow multi, yellow rustic.


Quartzite stone tile is a hard and environmental friendly construction material produced by advanced technology to be used in bathrooms. It is an amazing decorative surface material which adds spark to your bathroom.

Quartzite stone has remarkable performance because it has:
  • Increased hardness
  • Increased strength
  • Durability 
  • Hard to be scratched
  • Acid proof and alkali proof
  • Able to bear high temperature 
  • Strong shock-resistant ability.

The stone is non-slippery and it comes in colors with repeating sequential patterns or multiple unique formations.
They are also available in a wide array of colors, patterns, and finishes. The tiles are resistance to aging so it promises a long lasting lusture to the bathroom. Quartzite stone tile lends a contemporary look to the bathroom. They are environmental friendly tiles that do not contain any pollution and radiation, hence providing a clean bathroom.

Quartzite stone tiles don't get distorted, split and are resistant to discoloration and fading. So their texture remains maintained lifelong. They do not absorb water easily, so is a great choice for bathrooms where condensation or water needs to be managed.
Quartz tiles are preferred as floor tiles in their bathrooms because of the mirror particle sparkle creating a starburst original design. They create an original aesthetic appeal in the bathroom.

Slate tiles are popular choice for bathroom tiles as it warms up a bathroom and creates elegance at the same time. It comes in a variety of colors and textures, making it perfect for any bathroom design. Also it's very durable and easy to clean too.

Slate is found in almost any color, from light to dark, and also in variations of colors. Slate comes in a wide variety of surface textures too, so there is lot to choose from for your bathroom. Slate can be slick, so choose textured and slip proof tiles for floors and walking areas, while smooth and polished tiles for countertops, shower stalls, and other bath areas.

Slate tiles can stand all kinds of wear, so it's perfect for high traffic areas like bathroom. Each slate tile is different from another and this makes a bathroom so unique. Slate tiles could easily fade due to water if not sealed sufficiently. So to maintain its longevity, the tiles should be sealed properly.

Slate tiles comes in beautiful natural hues of blue, black, green, maroon, red, orange, or any combination of these, thus making an impact on your bathroom.

Tumbled slate tile are very slip resistant, so they are apt for bathroom floorings. Slate provides a classic style which looks good in either a traditional or contemporary setting.
Quartzite Stone Flooring
Quartzite has simple and sober colors which look beautiful. It has grey to white colors. Quartzite flooring is very durable and exceptionally beautiful. Quartzite is a natural metamorphic stone which is formed by intense heat and pressure for millions of years. It is composed of quartz, feldspar and mica. Mostly it has pink, red and brown pattern. Upon quartz stone surface swirling pattern of streaks are seen which are either regular or irregular.

Various varieties of quartzite natural stone found at kitchen stones are copper, D. Green, Golden, H black, H white, H. green, Ocean Green, S. white, Silver Grey, Silver Shine, Z. Green. All of these varieties are so popular because they have high performance value for long period. Secondly, it is easy to clean. Kitchen stones are the experienced and world renowned exporters and manufacturers of quartzite flooring material for kitchen. Get all the varieties at an affordable price in the finish you desire.

Slate Flooring
Slate flooring is an excellent choice for kitchen interiors. Slate is a natural stone which is known for its strength, beauty and style. It looks smooth and is extremely durable. Slate flooring is available in several shades and shapes which gives you many options. If you are looking for a kitchen flooring option that would be enduring, durable and low maintenance, then slate flooring can be a suitable option.

Slate is a natural insulator and a versatile flooring option because it's available in form of both tiles and slabs. Also, it is resistant to heat and cracking and adds a sense of calm to your kitchen. The kitchen is an important part of a home so you need to have long lasting flooring. Kitchen flooring is constantly at risk of spills and other messes so it is advisable to use a naturally stain resistant flooring option like slate.

Some of the commonly available slate colors are green, gold, black and brown. Slates can also have a mixture of several colors. This flooring will brighten up the ambience of your kitchen. To make your kitchen flooring look interesting you can mix and match tiles of different colors. With a little creativity, you can design the kitchen of your dreams.

Slate flooring can be kept bright and clean by regular cleaning. It will also increase its longevity. Just clean it with warm water and cleanser and dry mop. Make sure that the cleanser does not contain acids as it breaks down the slate, and you may need to get it repaired or replaced.

Sealing slate flooring will prevent it from cracking and staining by making it stain-free. Since slate tile is porous, it should be sealed using chemical sealant while installation so as to prevent staining of slate due excess moisture.


Quartzite stone is an innovative stone to be used in surface decoration. The wide selection of colors brings life to your bathroom. Quartzite stone is the ultimate choice for bathroom floorings due to availability in large number of colors, textures and finishes.

Quartzite stone display numerous properties that make it an ideal choice for bathroom flooring:
  • High intensity, less thickness and light weight for constructing and sticking easily
  • High surface rigidity
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • High resistance towards aging.
  • No toxic and environment friendly.

Resistant to high temperatures, chemicals, abrasion, scratches and cuts water resistance, fire resistance.
Quartzite stones have great durability and show resistance to almost everything. This makes it fantastic option for busy bathrooms. Quartzite flooring shows uniform patterning and does not contain the natural variation found in most natural stones.

Quartzite stone is available in wide range of textures, design and style options and thus have gained lot of popularity in bathroom flooring. Quartzite flooring has zero porosity and due to this it is hygienic and very well suited for bathrooms.

Quartzite is one of the most resilient and hardest stone known. The color of the stone ranges from uniform colors to multicolored unique structures. It is perfect for your bathroom because of its resistance to water and stain and because of its non-slippery texture.

Slate is known for its distinctive layered composition. This unique layering of earthen materials gives slate its natural look and aesthetic appeal. Owing to these properties it is widely used in bathroom floorings.
Able to withstand the daily abuses of a bathroom, the wide range of colors and soft textures make slate a perfect choice for high-traffic bathroom flooring. Slate is a naturally cleft and rustic stone with a lot of variation and texture. Because of this property, it is used in the moist environment of a bathroom, since the stone is less likely to be slippery.

Slate flooring brings an aesthetic appeal to the bathroom and makes your bathroom look unique and natural.  Slate flooring helps to add elegance and sophistication to your bathroom. Slate flooring is slip resistant and comes in subtle colors and textures. They are used in bathrooms to get the contemporary look. Their unique colors, designs and textures are a visual treat for everyone.

Slate stone is ideal for modern bathroom designs. These stones beautifully complement modern bathroom vanities. It offers a classy look to your bathroom. It requires minimum maintenance and care unlike other products such as granite and marble
Slate flooring provides you with an all-natural, low-maintenance bathroom flooring.  This incredibly durable stone has a natural, untamed splendor and is really perfect for bathroom use. It brings a unique earthy look to the bathroom.
Quarzite Stone Walls
Quartz is the most common mineral found on earth. It is widely used for kitchen quartzite walls. It has been found that it is wonderful material to be used for residential interior decoration. It has quite impressive hardness which helps it to remain scratch less even after many years. The beauty and hardness makes this stone very useful.

Quartzite wall tiles are the favorite choice for many people just because of its durability and everlasting shine in its beauty. Quartzite wall stones are available in different attractive colors like copper, green, golden, black, white and many more which add warmth to the room it can also be used for quartize wall cladding and quartzite wall panels. Besides above stated properties it also has properties like it doesn't get affected by wear and tear. Secondly it also has some natural pigments on its surface which makes quartzite tiles a brilliant collection. Types of kitchen tiles available with kitchen stones are copper, D. green, Golden, H Black, H white, H. green, ocean green, S. white, silver grey, silver shine, Z. green.

At kitchen stones you will get all the varieties of quartzite kitchen wall tiles.

Slate Stone Walls
Slate is a natural stone and very affordable. Because the slate walls are long lasting and look stylish makes kitchen appearance very distinctive. Slate is composed of clay which has strong properties. Slate wall tiles are sophisticated tiles hence they are perfect for any kitchen. In various sophisticated homes, people have used kitchen wall slate stone tiles to give an exuberant look.

There are more than 20 varieties of slate tiles and they come in various colors jack black, black, rustic black, green and chocolate are some darker shade of slate tiles whereas rosa, peacock color, K K white, multi pink, lilac, are some lighter shade of slate tiles. There are some multicolor shades of slate tiles are also available. At kitchen stones you will get the idea about all varieties of slate tiles in detail with proper pictures.

Now question arises that why to use slate and what are its uses. It is recommended for aesthetic value enhancement. It has wonderful resistance property with high durability. Also it has different slip resistance surface from others.

So get your kitchen an affordable and classy look with slate stone.


The quartzite stone is a hard and environmental friendly construction material produced by advanced technology. It comes with a variety of colors to choose from and gloss that enhances the look of a bathroom when used on walls. It is one of the sturdiest and least porous materials available for bathroom walls.

It has following qualities that make it ideal for bathroom walls:
  • Increased hardness
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Can bear high temperature
  • Strong shock resistant ability
  • Acid and alkali proof
  • Scratch proof
  • Leak proof
  • Heat and corrosion resistant
  • Anti pollution stone

Quartzite tiles on bathroom walls can make your bathroom lively. It is quite flexible to adapt itself to the surrounding environment. It gives a very stylish look to the bathroom.

Its use on bathroom walls brings depth, character and a unique aesthetic appeal, describing sense of luxury and sophistication. It comes in exclusive range of bright and sparkling colors. It’s wonderful appearance and superior engineering characteristics remains for many years to come.
As this stone is available in various colors and patterns and possess a property of turning to any possible color, this stone is frequently used to bring Mother Nature to your bathroom with an indispensable aura and elegance.

Slate has always been in fashion because it provides a roughness or ruggedness which is required for the bathrooms. They are stain resistant and durable at the same time plus, they are available in a wide variety of types and finishes.  Due to its endurance and elegance, it is a highly recommended to be used in bathroom walls.
They are usually claimed for their aesthetic value, slip resistance and high durability. Slate tiles are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, patterns and colors which gives a totally different feel to the bathroom. Each slate bathroom wall tile is unique from the other and hence can make your bathroom look so different and natural. The designs give a very sophisticated and kingly look to the bathroom.

Bathroom slate wall stones do not come in one design. They are very uniquely designed along with color and structure variations. So it gives you an option from the several designs that best suits your bathroom.

Slate stones are very sophisticated stones that add class to your bathroom. They give a rich and exuberant look to their bathrooms.

In addition to its wear resistance and strength, slate has gorgeous natural color with texture variation from piece to piece. Its surface offers a naturally split appearance which brings out a unique texture and unmatched beauty to the bathroom walls.
Limestone is a very nice option to be used as countertops to renovate your bathroom. It has soft texture with lots of light and neutral colors which integrates beautifully into any bathroom. Limestone has an exclusive, natural look. The natural beauty of limestone  brings a taste to the bathroom.

Limestone has a natural luscious look which makes it extremely desirable stone. It is available in various colors of brown, beige, yellow, gray, and black which gives a contemporary look to the bathroom countertops. A limestone counter top has a smooth surface and shares a vibrant color combination with less pattern variation. Limestone bathroom countertops add natural looks and grace to the bathroom and in addition add value to it.
Limestone is a soft stone, so it’s very easy to install it as bathroom countertops. Also it’s an easy maintenance stone and comes in vibrant textures. It isresistant to humidity, so ideal to be used in bathrooms. The coolness and softness of limestone makes it a perfect choice for bathroom countertops.

Limestone presents a nice clean aesthetic appearance to the bathroom. Limestone bathroom countertops are bit superior in quality and standard when compared with marble and granite owing to its texture and pattern. Limestone is a popular choice for bathroom countertops as it gives a cool and refreshing modern look yet maintains practicality and durability. Limestone’s stylish and sophisticated appearance makes it a popular stone amongst manufacturers for bathrooms countertops.
Limestones Tiles
Limestone is a fantastic natural stone used in home décor. It is a popular natural stone having wonderful finishes used in kitchen for decorating walls, sinks or floors. It has wide range of colors and patterns with amazing quality. People who want to decorate their house in budget then they must go for limestone tiles.

It is becoming a hot choice for people in decorating their house or commercial area. People are crazy towards limestone tiles because it has unique color, designs and pattern. It has extra ordinary looks. Colors like green, blue, white, red, brown all are available in limestone. Different varieties of limestone available with kitchen stones are kota blue, kota brown, lime black, lime green, lime peacock, lime pink, tandur blue and tandur yellow. They leave a unique impact in kitchen irrespective of the purpose.

It has durability, hardness, very low water absorption capacity and is cost effective. Usually modern kitchens are seen with limestone tiles. So give a fantastic appearance to your house by decorating kitchen with limestone tiles.


Limestone is regarded as an architectural stone all over the world as it is a dense and durable stone. It has a smooth, granular appearance with varying degrees of hardness. It gives life, cleanliness, durability, and beauty.

Limestone has an endless choice of colors and surface finishes which providing an extraordinary visual treat. It is a practical and durable stone that can be easily maintained.  It looks fashionable when used as bathroom tiles. It creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in your bathroom.

Limestone is fairly light in tone, ranging from warm neutral shades of oatmeal and cloudy white to dappled blue, green and grey. This brings a soothing effect to the bathroom. Limestone is porous and sealing it after installation is necessary to avoid unwanted staining.

Limestone tiles show tremendous endurance with pressure, temperature and wear and tear of time. Limestone tile is renowned for providing both modern and classic touch to any bathroom.

There are three main reasons that make limestone tiles very popular yet expensive in the market:
  • Appearance
  • High Demand
  • Durability

Limestone tile comes in three basic finishes: honed, semi-polished and highly polished.

It has various features like anti-slip feature, exquisiteness, easy to install nature, easy cleaning and maintenance and many others which make it an extremely versatile stone to be used in bathrooms.
Limestones Flooring
Limestone flooring is a durable and unique kind of flooring. It is been used since centuries and it has been proved that it is the most used natural stone for kitchen flooring. It is well matched with any color of doors, cabinets and selves. Limestone is found in many colors. Different varieties of limestone flooring are kota blue, kota brown, lime black, lime green, lime peacock, lime pink, tandur blue and tandur yellow.

With beautiful colors it also has beautiful, unique and amazing texture. There is uniform, regular and irregular texture. It can be of veins, fossils or both. If you are in search of natural stone for kitchen flooring, then make limestone as your top most choice. It has proper hardness, low porosity and has eye catchy designs, colors and texture. This stone is cost effective and at the same time it has extremely durable also it is oil, wax, acid and salt resistant.

Kitchen stones pay special attention towards the packing of this stone. We seal it properly so that it remains shiny and maintains its looks forever. In the recent years it is noticed that limestone is the first choice for most of the world renowned architectures and several land markers. Use limestone and add a unique style to your kitchen flooring.


Limestone flooring provides a highly elegant look to the contemporary bathroom. Limestone flooring is ideal for those who are looking to add a touch of natural beauty and texture into their bathroom. It is also durable enough to withstand normal wear and tear.
Limestone is available in a variety of different colors, sizes and finishes which makes it a sought after stone for bathroom flooring. It is hard, oil resilient, and also has low porosity thus imparting longevity to the flooring.

Limestone is available in various shades which impart texture variations to the bathroom flooring. Limestone flooring provides a one of a kind look and elegance with a wide variety of colors to choose from. The durability of limestone flooring makes it an ideal choice for use in bathroom. It is easy to care for and is hygienic.

Limestone flooring adds a luxurious feel to any bathroom space. Limestone has a demerit that it is very smooth and be dangerous when wet. They look especially nice when accented with a few ceramic tiles in a design.

Limestone as bathroom flooring has following advantages:
  • Strong and durable
  • Adds value to the bathroom
  • Easy to clean
  • It creates a unique bathroom look

The sophisticated and exquisite look of limestone has made it one of the popular flooring stones for bathrooms.
Limestone Walls
Kitchen wall covering is an important activity in home construction. Kitchen wall tiles are becoming very popular these days. Other than costly natural stones like granite and marble, limestone is a cheap and best stone which is natural and at the same time it has classic colors, designs and texture. It like other stones it is also having very low maintenance cost.

Limestone walls grants grace to the kitchen countertops and backsplashes because of their versatile color combination. Limestone kitchen walls are found to be natural, durable and elegant. Limestone is suitable for limestone wall cladding for water proof property. Limestone is very popular stone used in construction. It is being used since middle ages. The main advantages of limestone are that it looks very nice and on the same part it is the cheapest building material. There are many different colored varieties of limestone available with kitchen stone which are Kota blue, Kota brown, lime black, lime green, lime peacock, lime pink, Tandur blue and Tandur yellow. All the dark and light shade of limestones looks very amazing and their surface never fades. Limestone wall tiles have some unique properties like clean and shiny surface with everlasting property. Kitchen stones are the well known limestone walls tiles manufacturer and limestone wall tiles exporter


Natural limestone will forever change your perception of what beige can do to your bathroom. It provides an elegant solution for the bathroom walls. It has become an increasingly popular material to be used in bathrooms. It is a hard, durable and semi-heat resistant material and can be used for a multitude applications but it is most commonly used in bathroom walls.

Limestone wall tiles are available in polished, antiqued finishes but they all offer a calm, cool look to the bathroom due to their natural, pastel colors.

Limestone tiles lend an unmatched luxurious look to the bathroom walls. It has following qualities:
  • Natural texture of the stone gives a soothing effect to the bathroom
  • It is an everlasting solution for the bathroom walls
  • It offers variety in colors and textures

Limestone is sturdy and dense. For this reason it can withstand high levels of traffic, while resisting moisture and heat. So it is ideally suited to be used in bathroom walls. Due to its low porosity surface, it does not retain dirt and prevents the built-up of germs.

Limestone on bathroom walls gives an exquisite look and feel that varies from traditional to latest fashion. It adds light and a sense of warmth and serenity to the bathroom.
Sandstone has soft colors that increase the visual appeal of the bathroom. Sandstone is highly durable and has a high strength that makes it an appropriate material for bathroom countertop. It gives calmed environment and enhances the attractiveness of the bathroom.
Sandstone countertops are found in dazzling colors like brick red, forest green, gray, olive and many more. Availability in so many colors makes it a popular choice for bathroom countertops. They are a stunning addition to any bathroom because of their rich texture, grain and colors.

Sandstone tones with natural imperfections in grain and color add a sense of well being to the bathroom. Sandstones are soft and easy to work, that makes it popular choice for bathroom countertops. It is economical and is also long lasting.

Sandstone countertop brings a contemporary look to the bathroom. Sandstone is full of character with magnificent colors and is quite durable. Its various colors bring a comfort to the bathroom space. Sandstone countertop in bathroom looks natural, enamoring and alluring.
Sandstone countertops can wither with consistent use and also get damaged if not cleaned properly on time. So it requires a bit of effort to maintain its beauty, finish, texture and versatility. But in spite of this, it is widely claimed for bathroom counter tops by architects and manufacturers.
Sandstone tile exudes a soft, warm natural effect to the bathroom. It is ideal for modern and traditional bathrooms. It creates a warm luxurious effect. It can really make your bathroom feel rich and light. It can make a bathroom areas look classic and beautiful.
Sandstone tiles are most commonly used in bathroom floors and walls because it is a hard, durable and a semi-heat resistant material. The neutral tones of sandstone also work well with a variety of bathroom accessory colors.

Sandstone tiles contain many shades, including ivory, gold, yellow and red which impart a truly magnificent look to the bathroom. Sandstone tiles are characterized by fair color consistency, high durability, different porosity, hardness and compressive strength and visibly coarse grains.

Sandstone tiles are available in different patterns and shapes. It imparts an amiable, warm influence to the bathroom. These tiles are water-resistant and resistant to stains and spillages. Glossy sandstone is slippery when wet, so non-polished sandstone tile is preferred for bathroom floors.

Sandstone wall tiles and sandstone floor tiles look delightful in your bathroom. Sandstone tiles are available in a large variety of finishes, styles and textures that transform a simple bathroom into an eye-catching design that matches your personality.
Sandstone tiles require special care and maintenance to remain in top condition. The abrasiveness of dirt, sand and grit wears down the tiles over time. In spite of this, it brings a soft and unique finish to the bathroom.


There are varieties of natural stone which can be used in making kitchen tiles. Other than Granite and marble, sandstone is another famous natural stone of India. If you are looking for a natural stone which is not only beautiful but also in your budget then sandstone is the best choice.

There are many different varieties of tiles you can choose for your kitchen. Sandstone tiles can be used for decorating floors and kitchen walls also it can be used as sink. It is an affordable idea to renovate your kitchen. Kitchen is an area of high traffic so it is really very important to select hard wearing and durable tile which is having low absorption value because in kitchen water work is maximum. Sandstone tiles fulfill all your desires as it remain protected from spillages and stain proof always.

At kitchen stones you will get all the varieties of sandstone tiles in different finishes. Agra red, Asian gold, autumn brown, bansi pink, desert mint, dholpur beige, ebony, flowery gold, fossil mint, golden teakwood, ita gold, j. pink, j. red, jaisalmer yellow, K. black, kandla grey, kota desert, l. grey, l. yellow, mandana, modak, panther, pink mint, rainbow, raj green, reveena, ripon, speckle brown, teakwood cloudy, yellow mint, yellow teakwood are the sandstone tile varieties.
Sandstone is perfect for bathroom flooring due to its mild structure and ceramic color. Aesthetically done sandstone flooring creates a sense of beauty, elegance, and peace to your bathroom. Sandstone is generally pale in color, so it effectively enhances the feeling of light and space when used in bathroom floorings.

Sandstone possesses underlying properties that makes it apt to be used in bathroom flooring:
  • Tough
  • Durable
  • Versatile 
  • Slip-resistant

The quality of sandstone varies, so before using as bathroom flooring do ensure that it is tested for density, water absorption, resistance to salt attack and slip-resistance. The right sandstone can be an amazingly impressive choice for your bathroom.

Sandstone flooring is strong and durable. They are rugged, beautiful and hold tremendous capacity to withstand the extreme weather conditions. Sandstone is an incredibly versatile product and is used extensively by architects and designers because of its fire resistance and thermal qualities.

Sandstone flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. Once sealed, it is nearly impervious to accidents.

Sandstone flooring has following advantages:
  • Very hard and durable – lasts a lifetime with good care
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in a wide range of colors, styles and patterns
  • Hypoallergenic, allergen and bacteria resistant
  • Stain and moisture resistant

As sandstone for floorings is available in great many colors and patterns, your bathroom design options are nearly endless.


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made of quartz and feldspar, thousands of minerals and rock grains. Sandstone is produced by squeezing sand and sediment together for millions of years. Sandstone is highly hard and tough material. It has all the properties that a natural stone has.
It has excellent level of hardness and porosity and compressive strength. That is why sandstone for kitchen flooring has become quite popular in recent times. It has varieties of colors, texture and pattern.

Varieties of sandstone floorings are Agra red, Asian Gold, Autumn Brown, bansi pink, desert mint, dholpur beige, ebony, flowery gold, fossil mint, golden teakwood, Ita gold, J. pink, J. red, Jaisalmer Yellow,, kandla grey, kota desert, L. grey, L. yellow, Mandana, Modak, Panther, Pink mint, Rainbow, Raj green, Raveena, ripon, speckle brown, teakwood cloudy, yellow mint, yellow teakwood.

There are warm and eye catchy coarser grain on its surface which makes it perfect for kitchen application. Get all the varieties of sandstone kitchen flooring stone at kitchen stones within an affordable price.
Kitchen wall covering is an important activity in home construction. Kitchen wall tiles are becoming very popular these days. Other than costly natural stones like granite and marble, limestone is a cheap and best stone which is natural and at the same time it has classic colors, designs and texture. It like other stones it is also having very low maintenance cost.

Limestone walls grants grace to the kitchen countertops and backsplashes because of their versatile color combination. Limestone kitchen walls are found to be natural, durable and elegant. Limestone is suitable for limestone wall cladding for water proof property. Limestone is very popular stone used in construction. It is being used since middle ages. The main advantages of limestone are that it looks very nice and on the same part it is the cheapest building material. There are many different colored varieties of limestone available with kitchen stone which are Kota blue, Kota brown, lime black, lime green, lime peacock, lime pink, Tandur blue and Tandur yellow. All the dark and light shade of limestones looks very amazing and their surface never fades. Limestone wall tiles have some unique properties like clean and shiny surface with everlasting property. Kitchen stones are the well known limestone walls tiles manufacturer and limestone wall tiles exporter


Sandstone is a natural stone material used to design bathroom. It is available in a wide range of cream, sand and brown colors, and has interesting textures that bring a natural feeling into the bathroom.

Sandstone gives a soft, warm, natural effect to the bathroom. It is known for its characteristic grainy texture and tactile appeal. It evokes a magnificent landscape, with swirling colors of gold, red, yellow and ivory which creates a feel of nature in the bathroom.

Sandstone unites earthiness and elegance to your bathroom walls. It comes in variety of styles and designs so you have a plenty to choose from that matches your bathroom decor plans. Sandstone can transform a plain or boring bathroom space to a beautiful eye-catching delight.

Sandstone wall tiles not only look delight but they also protect the walls from stains etc as they can easily be wiped clean. It brings a depth to the surroundings thus enhancing the appeal of the bathroom. The glorious look of sandstone impacts your bathroom the amazing look.

Sandstone wall tiles are an easy way to instantly introduce a stylish textural interest to the bathroom walls. Sandstone on bathroom walls looks gracious and enchanting. It thoroughly revamps and renovates your bathroom.

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